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Material extracted and partially purified from human cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) is capable of: a, inhibiting [3H]ouabain binding to rat brain synaptosomes; b, inhibiting the activity of purified pig kidney Na+,K+-ATPase; and c, inhibiting ouabain sensitive induced 86Rb influx to tissue cultured fibroblasts. These results demonstrate the existence of an(More)
Low concentrations (< 10(?7) M) of ouabain stimulate the activity of Na(+), K(+)-ATPase in whole homogenates of rat brain. The magnitude of this stimulation varies from 5 to 70%. The concentrations of ouabain which induces maximal stimulation is also highly variable and ranges between 10(?9) to 10(?7) M. The ouabain stimulation disappears following 1:50(More)
86Rb(K+) transport across the plasma membrane of macrophage-like cells was studied. The cells used were the wild-type J774.2 and its two variants, CT2 cells, deficient in adenylate cyclase, and J7H1 cells, deficient in cAMP-dependent protein kinase. In the three cell lines about 15% of the total 86Rb(K+) influx is transported by the K+ carrier-mediated(More)
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