A. Boudjemai

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A control system is proposed for a low Earth orbit gravity gradient stabilised microsatellite using Z wheel. The microsatellite is 3-axis stabilized using a yaw reaction wheel, with dual redundant 3-axis magnetorquers. Two vector magnetometers and four dual sun sensors are carried in order to determine the full attitude. The attitude was estimated using an(More)
Temperature rising is a negative factor in almost all systems. It could cause by self heating or ambient temperature. In solar photovoltaic cells this temperature rising affects on the behavior of cells. The ability of a PV module to withstand the effects of periodic hot-spot heating that occurs when cells are operated under reverse biased conditions is(More)
Information on battery problems can be useful in guiding research to improve battery technology. Problems that are serious or reoccur are the obvious ones to concentrate on. Observed problems can be caused by more than one phenomenon. However the problem that was observed on the Alsat-1 battery module where some cells were damaged, and the damage was caused(More)
When designing satellites, one of the major issues aside for designing its primary subsystems is to devise its thermal. The thermal management of satellites requires solving different sets of issues with regards to modelling. If the satellite is well conditioned all other parts of the satellite will have higher temperature no matter what. The main issue of(More)
This paper presents an analysis and comparison of attitude control systems on-board Low Earth Orbit (LEO) microsatellites based on different reaction wheel configurations. Two configurations are presented, four reaction wheels configuration named tetrahedral configuration and classical three reaction wheels configuration. Three control algorithms,(More)
In space during functioning, a satellite will be heated up due to the behavior of its components such as power electronics. In order to prevent problems in the satellite, this heat has to be released in space thanks to the cooling system. This system consists of a loop heat pipe (LHP), in which a fluid streams through an evaporator and a condenser. In the(More)
A communication satellites play a large role in the socio-economic development of a country, however the satellite communication system design trade-offs increase with the complexity of the payload requirements. For reliable and dynamic in-orbit satellite operations, the payload receiver must have the capability to adapt to emergent mission and post-mission(More)
The purpose of this paper is to perform a multidisciplinary design and analysis (MDA) of honeycomb panels used in the satellites structural design. All the analysis is based on clamped-free boundary conditions. In the present work, detailed finite element models for honeycomb panels are developed and analysed. Experimental tests were carried out on a(More)