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  • J Ahrens, X Bai, +110 authors S Young
  • Physical review letters
  • 2003
Data from the AMANDA-B10 detector taken during the austral winter of 1997 have been searched for a diffuse flux of high energy extraterrestrial muon neutrinos. This search yielded no excess events above those expected from background atmospheric neutrinos, leading to upper limits on the extraterrestrial neutrino flux measured at the earth. For an assumed(More)
Neutrinos are elementary particles that carry no electric charge and have little mass. As they interact only weakly with other particles, they can penetrate enormous amounts of matter, and therefore have the potential to directly convey astrophysical information from the edge of the Universe and from deep inside the most cataclysmic high-energy regions. The(More)
We present the results of a search for point sources of high-energy neutrinos in the northern hemisphere using AMANDA-II data collected in the year 2000. Included are flux limits on several active-galactic-nuclei blazars, microquasars, magnetars, and other candidate neutrino sources. A search for excesses above a random background of cosmic-ray-induced(More)
We report on a search for electro-magnetic and/or hadronic showers (cascades) induced by high energy neutrinos in the data collected with the AMANDA II detector during the year 2000. The observed event rates are consistent with the expectations for atmospheric neutrinos and muons. We place upper limits on a diffuse flux of extraterrestrial electron, tau and(More)
This paper bundles 40 contributions by the IceCube collaboration that were submitted to the 30 International Cosmic Ray Conference ICRC 2007. The articles cover studies on cosmic rays and atmospheric neutrinos, searches for non-localized, extraterrestrial νe, νμ and ντ signals, scans for steady and intermittent neutrino point sources, searches for dark(More)
We discuss recent measurements of the wavelength-dependent absorption coefficients in deep South Pole ice. The method uses transit-time distributions of pulses from a variable-frequency laser sent between emitters and receivers embedded in the ice. At depths of 800-1000 m scattering is dominated by residual air bubbles, whereas absorption occurs both in ice(More)
A theoretical underpinning of the standard model of fundamental particles and interactions is CPT invariance, which requires that the laws of physics be invariant under the combined discrete operations of charge conjugation, parity and time reversal. Antimatter, the existence of which was predicted by Dirac, can be used to test the CPT theorem-experimental(More)
The optical properties of the ice at the geographical South Pole have been investigated at depths between 0.8 and 1 kilometer. The absorption and scattering lengths of visible light ( approximately 515 nanometers) have been measured in situ with the use of the laser calibration setup of the Antarctic Muon and Neutrino Detector Array (AMANDA) neutrino(More)
E. Andres, P. Askebjer, X. Bai, G. Barouch, S. W. Barwick, R.C. Bay, K.-H. Becker, L. Bergström, D. Bertrand, A. Biron, J. Booth, O. Botner, A. Bouchta, M.M.Boyce, S. Carius, D. Chirkin, J. Conrad, C. G. S. Costa, D. F. Cowen, J. Dailing, E. Dalberg, T. DeYoung, P. Desiati, J.-P. Dewulf, P Doksus, J. Edsjö, P. Ekström, B. Erlandsson, T. Feser, M. Gaug, A.(More)
Through a study of 54 cases of malignant transformation on burn's scar, collected during a period of 8 years, the authors underline the particularities of this tumor, reported at the literature such as the preponderance of spinocellular carcinoma as histological type, the high rate of lymphatic metastasis and recurrence, and also the poor prognosis. In(More)