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OBJECTIVE The present study reviews our 5-year results with extensive, multivisceral cytoreduction in patients with FIGO stages IIIC and IV ovarian cancer. METHODS During the five-year period from January 1995 to December 1999, 101 patients with primary epithelial ovarian cancer FIGO stages IIIC and IV had extensive multivisceral cytoreductive surgery at(More)
In a patient with complete A-V block suffering from attacks of dizziness an intermittent A-V conduction with a short P-R interval and a delta wave of the conducted ventricular complex were observed. After accelerating the sinus rate by atropine and by exercise, one-to-one conduction was established with QRS complexes of WPW type A configuration. His bundle(More)
To assess high-dose carboplatin chemotherapy with or without paclitaxel with filgrastim mobilized peripheral blood progenitor cell (PBPC) support in a phase I/II study, a total of 21 patients with mostly chemonaive disease received four cycles of high-dose chemotherapy. Cycle 1 (cyclophosphamide, 6 g/m2) was followed by two cycles of carboplatin (1600 mg/m2(More)
A new CAD system for generation of application specific microcontrollers is presented. It is based on a properly defined architecture model and consists of a set of tools for instruction set description, HW-SWcosimulation of the processor and the application software, compiler generation, datapath and controlpath synthesis, and datapath animation. One of(More)
Methodical problems, indication and clinical implication of His bundle electrography are discussed. In 200 successive patients undergoing His bundle electrography and atrial stimulation the indication was as follows: Intraventricular conduction defects in 24%, A-V block in 21%, sick sinus syndrome in 20%, preexcitation in 17%, and complex arrhythmias in the(More)