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1. Polysaccharide depolymerases and glycoside hydrolases involved in the breakdown of plant structural polysaccharides (hemicellulose and pectins) were monitored in three fractions of the liquid phase of horse caecum digesta: acellular fluid (AF), bacteria (B) and protozoa plus bacteria (PB). 2. Both bacteria and protozoa were found to be involved in the(More)
Cecum microfauna association with different plant tissues was examined by scanning and transmission electron microscopy. The ciliates were attached to the damaged areas of the leaves and their highest concentrations were found on the epidermis and mesophyll tissues. The degradation of plant tissue was due to protozoal ingestion of the plant fragments. The(More)
The behaviour of rumen ciliates in culture in vitro is studied according to the concentration of substrates and requirements of middle removal. The most favorable concentrations, for a best ciliate's survival is from 0.4 to 0.6 mg/ml of sucrose and 0.05 mg/ml of urea. We observe two periods in the culture: in the first, Entodinium grows essentially, in the(More)
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