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The effect of imprinting symmetric and displaced vortex structures into an antiferromagnetic material is investigated in micron-sized disks consisting of exchange coupled ferromagnetic-antiferromagnetic bilayers. The imprint of displaced vortices manifests itself by the occurrence of a new type of asymmetric hysteresis loops characterized by curved,(More)
This study shows the possibility of tuning microstructure and magnetic properties of cobalt ferrite powders produced by co-precipitation and subsequently processed by ultra-fast milling. Short milling times (3 minutes) are sufficient to obtain high coercive isotropic powders for permanent magnet applications.
A vectorial magneto-optic Kerr effect (v-MOKE) setup with simultaneous and quantitative determination of the two in-plane magnetization components is described. The setup provides both polarization rotations and reflectivity changes at the same time for a given sample orientation with respect to a variable external magnetic field, as well as allowing full(More)
Here, we report on a versatile full angular resolved/broad temperature range/vectorial magneto optical Kerr effect (MOKE) magnetometer, named TRISTAN. Its versatility relies on its capacity to probe temperature and angular dependencies of magnetization reversal processes without the need to do any intervention on the apparatus during measurements. The setup(More)
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