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It is extremely useful in investigations of the central nervous system (CNS) to measure mRNA expression in cells by in situ hybridization. However, this approach is limited by the difficulties of a reliable quantitative evaluation. In the present paper we describe a method for quantifying radioactive hybrids on individual cells by a silver grain count in(More)
We describe a new image processing method for semiautomatic quantitative analysis of neuronal morphology. It has been developed in a specific image analysis environment (IBAS 2.0), but the algorithms and the methods can be employed elsewhere. The program is versatile and allows the analysis of histological preparations of different quality on the basis of(More)
Clonogenic assay is one of the most sensitive assays, widely used to evaluate the effects of antineoplastic agentsin vitro. A computer program was developed on an IBAS 2.0 Image Analysis System for automated quantiation of cell colonies and clone area on Petri dishes. The sensitivity of the clonogenic assay can be greatly increased by evaluating the mean(More)
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