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Faster switching with IGBT's is known to enhance the control and efficiency of electrical machines significantly while the same is realized to induce over-voltages at the machine terminal to an extent of 3 to 4pu along with inhomogeneous voltage distribution across the stator winding, which often endanger the insulation reliability. Reliable machine design(More)
The interface characteristics of oil-water system, under electric stress, are characterized through partial discharge (PD) measurements. Wavelet transform analysis is performed on the PD signals to yield unambiguous information of the events under electric stress. The intensity of PD as a function of electric stress is studied till the breakdown. A steady(More)
Electric Vehicle (EV) technology is an ideal candidate for environment-friendly and pollution-free transportation. Wireless chargers, where EV batteries can simply be charged by parking the vehicle on a charging pad, provide customers with convenience and electrical safety. In addition, cordless chargers also bring new charging strategies such as(More)
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