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Over the last two decades, more and more applications of sophisticated sensor technology have been described in the literature on upstreaming and downstreaming for biotechnological processes (Middendorf et al. J Biotechnol 31:395-403, 1993; Lausch et al. J Chromatogr A 654:190-195, 1993; Scheper et al. Ann NY Acad Sci 506:431-445, 1987), in order to improve(More)
An algorithm is presented that is able to detect the regions which correspond to the single isolated human insulin crystals in a group of previously segmented foreground regions. It is based on a single nearest prototype rule, which requires the knowledge of a class prototype for each class of segmented foreground regions. Each class prototype represents a(More)
In this contribution, an algorithm is presented, which is able to extract the shortest linear edge and the longest diagonal of each single isolated human insulin crystal region, which is found in an arbitrary image captured by an insitu microscope inside of a reactor, where a human insulin crystallization processes is taking place. First, the image regions(More)
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