A. Blasco

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Genetic and environmental trends in 2 lines of rabbit (B and R) selected on individual weight gain (WG) from weaning (4 wk) to slaughter (11 wk) were estimated using mixed model methodology. Line B was derived from the California breed and line R was a synthetic of stock of different origin. The data were collected from a single herd and comprised 7 718(More)
Gompertz growth curves were fitted to the data of 137 rabbits from control (C) and selected (S) lines. The animals came from a synthetic rabbit line selected for an increased growth rate. The embryos from generations 3 and 4 were frozen and thawed to be contemporary of rabbits born in generation 10. Group C was the offspring of generations 3 and 4, and(More)
Data from uterine capacity in rabbits (litter size) were analyzed to determine whether the environmental variance was partly genetically determined. The fit of a classical homogeneous variance mixed linear (HOM) model and that of a genetically structured heterogeneous variance mixed linear (HET) model were compared. Various methods to assess the quality of(More)
Three contemporary lines were formed from the progeny of 50 French Large White sows. In the first line, gilts were selected for ovulation rate at puberty. In the second line, they were selected for prenatal survival of the first two parities, corrected for ovulation rate. The control constituted the third line. Ovulation rate at puberty was analyzed using(More)
Two elliptical selection experiments were performed in two contemporary sire lines of rabbits (C and R) in order to optimize the experimental design for estimating the genetic parameters of the growth rate (GR) and feed conversion ratio (FCR). Twelve males and 19 females from line C, and 13 males and 23 females from line R, were selected from an ellipse(More)
Dopaminergic influence upon cerebral circulation was studied in 12 adult mongrel dogs, local cerebral blood flow (lCBF) being measured by the microspheres method. The intravenous injection of apomorphine (0.1 mg/kg) produced heterogeneous effects on lCBF; an increase in lCBF reaching the level of statistical significance was observed in frontal and sensory(More)
A hierarchical model for inferring the parameters of the joint distribution of a trait measured longitudinally and another assessed cross-sectionally, when selection has been applied to the cross-sectional trait, is presented. Distributions and methods for a Bayesian implementation via Markov Chain Monte Carlo procedures are discussed for the case where(More)
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