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The huge investment in the design and production of multicore processors may be put at risk because the emerging highly miniaturized but unreliable fabrication technologies will impose significant barriers to the life-long reliable operation of future chips. Extremely complex, massively parallel, multi-core processor chips fabricated in these technologies(More)
The linear multiobjective transportation problem is a special type of vector minimum problem in which constraints are all equality type and the objectives are conflicting in nature. This paper presents an application of fuzzy goal programming to the linear multiobjective transportation problem. In this paper, we use a special type of nonlinear (hyperbolic(More)
BACKGROUND Parastomal hernia is a frequent complication after stoma formation. The objective of this prospective study was to find long-term outcome of prophylactic mesh placement in the pre-peritoneal space in order to prevent parastomal hernia. METHODS Patients undergoing elective formation of permanent stoma were included in the study. A polypropylene(More)
In the present study we have evaluated the electroencephalogram (EEG) signal recorded during ankle dorsal and plantar flexion in children with spastic Cerebral Palsy (CP) after Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) of the Tibialis Anterior (TA) muscles. The intervention group had 10 children with spastic diaplegic/hemiplegic CP within the age group of 5(More)
It is commonly accepted that optimal control theory was born with the publication of a seminal paper by Pontryagin and collaborates last century, at the end of 50’s. Since then optimal control theory has played a relevant role not only in the dynamic optimization but also in the control and system engineering. Another crucial moment in this theory is(More)
In this paper, a lower bound estimate on the uniform radius of spatial analyticity is established for solutions to the incompressible, forced Navier-Stokes system on an n-torus. This estimate matches previously known estimates provided that a certain bound on the initial data is satisfied. In particular, it is argued that for two-dimensional (2D) turbulent(More)
This paper focuses on the necessity of forest management using the model of control theory. Recent researches in mathematical biology as well as in life sciences closely depend on control theory. Various popular research papers have been received considerable attentions by engineers and research scholars due to the fact that it has been the central and(More)
The Heston model is one of the most popular stochastic volatility models for option pricing to measure the volatility of different parameters in the financial market. In this work, we study the statistical analysis of Heston Model by partial differential equations. The model proposed by Heston takes into account non-lognormal distribution of the assets(More)
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