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Neuronal spike-trains were recorded extracellularly within the preoptic area, which is generally considered the center of information processing for thermoregulation. The neuronal responses were tested by thermal stimulation of the scrotal and abdominal skin of the rat. After a neuron had been identified as warm responsive, electrical stimulation and/or(More)
Preoptic neurons, extracellularly recorded in the rat's brain, were tested for their responses to thermal stimulation of the scrotal and abdominal skin before and after electrolytic lesions of about 1 mm3 in the area of the rostral raphe nuclei, nucleus raphe dorsalis and centralis (NRD/NRC). All analyzed neurons were of the switching type, i.e. they(More)
The aim of this study was to ascertain whether overweight men and women of comparable age, body surface area and weight would display any differences in weight loss or changes in body composition while receiving identical calorie intakes. 15 men and 15 women of mean age 46.7 (26-57) years with obesity (body mass index 29-36 kg/m2) were given a reducing diet(More)
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