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Fault analysis and diagnosis of a transformer are essential, as power quality is one of the primary concerns of the electric power utilities. Insulation failure within transformer windings is considered to be one of the most important causes of the failure of power transformers. A comparison of neutral currents at reduced and full voltages is carried out(More)
A power transformer is the most important component in an EHV power transmission. During impulse test the neutral current is compared at reduced and full impulse voltages. Any difference in the neutral current is construed as failure of transformer. In this paper, identification and separation of a noise signal from the main neutral current are carried out(More)
Impulse testing of transformer involves a defined sequence of impulse applications at the specified voltage levels. However, in case of failure/damage during these tests, the winding gets subjected to repeated impulse shots, after repair. In this paper the effect of such repetitive impulses on transformer insulation has been investigated. Typical(More)
A test system to detect partial discharges in transformer oil insulation, using an UHF sensor has been developed. The UHF sensor is basically a duel arm Archimedean spiral antenna with a frequency response of 300 -3000 MHz. The UHF signal is amplified using an RF amplifier and analysed both in time and frequency domains. Various types of discharges have(More)
Insulation failure within transformer winding is considered to be one of the most important causes of failure of the power transformer. Comparison of neutral currents at reduced and full voltages is an important criterion for detection of fault in the power transformer winding during impulse test. Any difference in wave shape of the recorded current and(More)
Transformers play an important role in power transmission. It is, therefore, necessary to know the condition, once the transformer becomes aged. Presently, residual life assessment (RLA) methods are being extensively used to know its condition. The insulation system of a transformer consists of mainly oil and paper; and hence, the conditions of these two(More)
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