A. Bhatnagar

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In this paper, an attempt has been made to predict the rate of penetration (ROP) of rocks by incorporating thrust, revolutions per minute (rpm), flushing media and compressive strength of rocks using artificial neural network (ANN) technique. A three-layer feed-forward back-propagation neural network with 4-7-1 architecture was trained using 472(More)
The paper discusses the development of a low cost CNC system capable of 6 axis simultaneous interpolated operation. The lower cost is achieved by incorporating all the features of a standard PC or micro-controller based CNC system in an Arduino based embedded system. The system also features an offline G-Code parser wherein the G-code is first converted to(More)
In this paper, we propose a framework for distributed dissemination of messages over the GSM network by leveraging the capabilities of smart phones. The major contribution of this work is an implementation of a broker-based peer to peer protocol for prioritized delivery of messages in order to support a fast emergency alert and response mechanisms. We have(More)
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