A. Benjamin Premkumar

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—The flexibility of a software-defined radio (SDR) depends on its capability to operate in multi-standard wireless communication environments. The most computationally intensive part of wideband receivers is the channelizer, which extracts multiple narrowband signals from adjacent frequency bands. In an SDR receiver, the compatibility of the channnelizer(More)
Acoustic vector sensor (AVS) signal measures acoustic pressure as well as particle velocity, and therefore contains both the azimuth and the elevation information of the source. Existing 2-D DOA estimation methods for AVS assume that the source is static and extensively rely on the localization techniques. In this paper, a particle filtering (PF) approach(More)
This paper presents the formulation and analysis of some methods for narrowband detection of underwater acoustic sources in impulsive noise using an array of acoustic vector sensors. Since the array signal vector is unknown due to the unknown location of the source, detection is based on the generalized likelihood ratio test which involves estimation of the(More)
The most computationally intensive part of wide-band receivers is the IF processing block. Digital filtering is the main task in IF processing. Infinite precision filters require complicated digital circuits due to coefficient multiplication. This paper presents an efficient method to implement pulse shaping filters for a dual-mode GSM/W-CDMA receiver. We(More)
This paper presents the design and performance analysis of a detector based on suprathreshold stochastic resonance (SSR) for the detection of deterministic signals in heavy-tailed non-Gaussian noise. The detector consists of a matched filter preceded by an SSR system which acts as a preprocessor. The SSR system is composed of an array of 2-level quantizers(More)