A. Baunemann

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A uniform, conformal, pure copper metal thin film was grown at very low substrate temperatures (100-120 degrees C) on Si(100) substrates by atomic layer deposition involving the ligand exchange of [Cu(OCHMeCH(2)NMe(2))(2)] with Et(2)Zn (see scheme). Patterned copper thin films of Cu nanotubes (diameter 150 nm, length 12 microm) were fabricated.
Novel mixed amido-malonato complexes of titanium are reported. The complexes were synthesized by partially replacing the amido groups from the complexes [Ti(NMe2)4] and [Ti(NEt2)4] via Brønstedt acid/base reactions, using the malonate-ligands di-isopropylmalonate (Hdpml) and di-tert-butylmalonate (Hdbml). Four representative complexes were synthesized and(More)
A series of structurally characterized new examples of pentacoordinated heteroleptic tungsten(VI)-guanidinates complexes are described. Starting out from [WCl(2)(Nt-Bu)(2)py(2)] (1) (py = pyridine) and the guanidinato transfer reagents (TMEDA)Li[(Ni-Pr)(2)CNi-Pr(2)] (2a) (TMEDA = N,N,N',N'-tetramethylethylendiamine) and [Li(NC(NMe(2))(2))](x) (2b), the(More)
Novel mixed amido/imido/guanidinato complexes of niobium are reported. The complexes were synthesized by insertion of two equivalents of di-isopropylcarbodiimide (i-Pr-cdi) or bis-cyclohexylcarbodiimide (Cy-cdi) respectively, into the niobium-amido bonds of [Nb(NR(2))(3)(N-t-Bu)] (, R = Me; , R = Et) starting out from [NbCl(3)(N-t-Bu)(py)(2)] and the(More)
Novel mixed amido-/imido-/guanidinato-complexes of tantalum are reported. The complexes were synthesised by insertion reactions of carbodiimides of the type C(NR)2(R =iso-propyl (i-Pr)) into the M-N bonds of tantalum mixed amido/imido complexes. Three representative complexes were synthesised and fully characterised by 1H-NMR, 13C-NMR, CHN-analysis and mass(More)
The coordination chemistry of the hydrazine derivatives dimethylhydrazine (Hdmh) and N-trimethylsilyl-N'N'-dimethylhydrazine (Htdmh) at Ta, Zr and Hf was investigated aiming at volatile mixed ligand all-nitrogen coordinated compounds. The hydrazido ligands were introduced either by salt metathesis employing the Li salts of the hydrazines and the(More)
Novel guanidinato complexes of hafnium [Hf{eta2-(iPrN)2CNR2}2(NR2)2] (R2 = Et2, 1; Et, Me, 2; Me2, 3), synthesized by insertion reactions of N,N'-diisopropylcarbodiimide into the M-N bonds of homologous hafnium amide complexes 1-3 and {[mu2-NC(NMe2)2][NC(NMe2)2]2HfCl}2 (4) using a salt metathesis reaction, are reported. Single-crystal X-ray diffraction(More)
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