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Manual inventory management in a library is by far arduous. Automation of book inspection can be achieved by using a simple camera based system that can recognize book spines in a book shelf. The book spines contain printed information such as title, author and publisher name, which can be extracted and verified with the library's database. Book spines can(More)
This work presents an error detection and data recovery (EDDR) design, based on the residue-and quotient (RQ) code, to embed into ME for video coding testing applications. Additionally, the reliability issue of numerous Processing Elements (PE) in a ME can be improved by enhancing the capabilities of concurrent error detection (CED). Given the critical role(More)
Three-dimensional cage-like mesoporous FDU-12 materials with large tuneable pore sizes ranging from 9.9 to 15.6 nm were prepared by varying the synthesis temperature from 100 to 200 °C for the aging time of just 2 h using a tri-block copolymer F-127(EO106PO70EO106) as the surfactant and 1,3,5-trimethyl benzene as the swelling agent in an acidic condition.(More)
We show that first order logic (FO) and first order logic extended with modulo counting quantifiers (FOMOD) over purely functional vocabularies which extend addition, satisfy the Crane beach property (CBP) if the logic satisfies a normal form (called positional normal form). This not only shows why logics over the addition vocabulary have the CBP but also(More)
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