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The change in morphology, diameter, branching pattern or tortuosity of retinal blood vessels is an important indicator of various clinical disorders of the eye and the body. This paper reports an automated method for segmentation of blood vessels in retinal images. A unique combination of techniques for vessel centerlines detection and morphological bit(More)
In this paper, an efficient method for personal identification based on the pattern of human iris is proposed. It is composed of image acquisition, image preprocessing to make a flat iris then it is converted into eigeniris and decision is carried out using only reduction of iris in one dimension. By comparing the eigenirises it is determined whether two(More)
Ear is a new comer in biometric recognition techniques. Various methods have been employed for ear recognition to improve the performance and making the results comparable with other existing methods. In continuation to these efforts, a new ear recognition method is proposed. Ear images are cropped manually from the side head images. After that wavelet(More)
The appearance of the retinal blood vessels is an important diagnostic indicator of various clinical disorders of the eye and the body. Retinal blood vessels have been shown to provide evidence in terms of change in diameter, branching angles, or tortuosity, as a result of ophthalmic disease. This paper reports the development for an automated method for(More)
this paper a new approach to face recognition is presented that achieves double dimension reduction making the system computationally efficient with better recognition results. In pattern recognition techniques, discriminative information of image increases with increase in resolution to a certain extent, consequently face recognition results improve with(More)
  • Mustafa Aygül, Gürkan Karaalioğlu, M Fatih, Amasyali, Koşullu Rastgele, Alanlarla Basit +2 others
  • 2014
The prediction of function tags is a key component of several natural language tasks. In this study, Conditional Random Fields are employed for Turkish sentences. The affects of the size of training set, the usage of morphological features of the words are investigated. As a result, we achieved 75% success ratio on our datasets having 2000 simple sentences.
Three issues regarding sensor failure at any position in the antenna array are discussed. We assume that sensor position is known. The issues include raise in sidelobe levels, displacement of nulls from their original positions, and diminishing of null depth. The required null depth is achieved by making the weight of symmetrical complement sensor passive.(More)
Optic Disk is one of the prominent features in human fundus images. Automatic localization and segmentation of optic disk can help in early diagnosis of diabetic retinopathies and preventing vision loss. In this paper robust method for optic disk detection and extraction of optic disk boundary is proposed based on morphological operations, smoothing filters(More)
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