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The efficacy and safety of two oral dosing regimens of gatifloxacin were compared to ciprofloxacin in the treatment of complicated urinary tract infection in a randomised, double-blind multi-centre trial. One thousand one hundred and twenty-three adult patients with complicated urinary tract infection (70%) or pyelonephritis (30%) were initially enrolled,(More)
This paper presents the results of field test and theoretical analysis driving resistance articulated 4×4 tracked robot test-bed. Tests were made on four different grounds. Designated elastomeric tracks resistance coefficients are much higher than for steel tracks. This information was important for the proper estimation of energy consumption in the(More)
Polymeric luminophors with reduced toxicity are of the priorities in the production of lighting devices, sensors, detectors, bioassays or diagnostic systems. The aim of this study was to develop a method of immobilization of the new luminophor on a surface of nanoparticles and investigation of the structure of the grafted layer. Monomer(More)
The conditions of preparation of new types of carbon fibers for solid phase micro extraction (SPME) prepared by methylene chloride pyrolysis (at 600 degrees C) on the quartz fiber (100 microm) as well as by supporting synthetic active carbon (prepared especially for this purposes) supported in a special epoxide-acrylic polymer is described. The properties(More)
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