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We have given a group of 56 MIT seniors who took mechanics as freshmen a written test similar to the final exam they took in their freshman course, plus the Mechanics Baseline Test (MBT) and Colorado Learning Attitudes about Science Survey (CLASS) standard instruments. Students in majors unrelated to physics scored 60% lower on the written analytic part of(More)
We have surveyed what various groups of instructors and students think students should learn in introductory physics. We started with a Delphi Study based on interviews with experts, then developed orthogonal responses to "what should we teach non-physics majors besides the current syllabus topics?" AAPT attendees, atomic researchers, and PERC08 attendees(More)
Copying a few answers from another student's math or science homework assignment occurs much more frequently than copying on examinations, is rarely prosecuted by discipline committees, and is regarded as " not cheating " or " trivial " by over half of college students nationally. Now Palazzo et. al. show that homework copying is not " trivial " because it(More)
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