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In this paper, we obtain a fourth-order convergence method to solve systems of nonlinear equations. This method is based on a quadrature formulae. A general error analysis providing the fourth order of convergence is given. Numerical examples show the fourth-order convergence. This method does not use the second-order Fréchet derivative.
Darvishi and Barati [M.T. Darvishi, A. Barati, Super cubic iterative methods to solve systems of nonlinear equations, derived a Super cubic method from the Adomian decomposition method to solve systems of nonlinear equations. The authors showed that the method is third-order convergent using classical Taylor expansion but the numerical experiments conducted(More)
We develop a numerical algorithm for solving singularly perturbed one-dimensional parabolic convection-diffusion problems. The method comprises a standard finite difference to discretize in temporal direction and Sinc-Galerkin method in spatial direction. The convergence analysis and stability of proposed method are discussed in details, it is justifying(More)
BACKGROUND Posture instability and unsteady gait disorders in Parkinson's Disease (PD) usually contribute to fall-related fractures. Fall-related trauma in PD is the most common reason for injury. Despite providing modern care for PD patients (PP) in the recent years, anti-PD drugs have no effect on falling. There is an urgent need to administer exercise(More)
PURPOSE Fatigue of trunk muscle contributes to spinal instability over strenuous and prolonged physical tasks and therefore may lead to injury, however from a performance perspective, relation between endurance efficient core muscles and optimal balance control has not been well-known. The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship of trunk(More)
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