A. Barati

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In this paper, we obtain a fourth-order convergence method to solve systems of nonlinear equations. This method is based on a quadrature formulae. A general error analysis providing the fourth order of convergence is given. Numerical examples show the fourth-order convergence. This method does not use the second-order Fréchet derivative.
Darvishi and Barati [M.T. Darvishi, A. Barati, Super cubic iterative methods to solve systems of nonlinear equations, derived a Super cubic method from the Adomian decomposition method to solve systems of nonlinear equations. The authors showed that the method is third-order convergent using classical Taylor expansion but the numerical experiments conducted(More)
We develop a numerical algorithm for solving singularly perturbed one-dimensional parabolic convection-diffusion problems. The method comprises a standard finite difference to discretize in temporal direction and Sinc-Galerkin method in spatial direction. The convergence analysis and stability of proposed method are discussed in details, it is justifying(More)
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