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Biodiesel, produced from plant and animal oils, is an important alternative to fossil fuels because, apart from dwindling supply, the latter are a major source of air pollution. In this investigation, effects of castor oil biodiesel blends have been examined on diesel engine performance and emissions. After producing castor methyl ester by the(More)
1 Image segmentation, which is an important stage of many image processing algorithms, is the process of partitioning an image into nonintersecting regions, such that each region is homogeneous and the union of no two adjacent regions is homogeneous. This paper presents a novel pixon-based algorithm for image segmentation. The key idea is to create a pixon(More)
In this investigation, semiempirical and numerical studies of blood flow in a viscoelastic artery were performed using the Cosserat continuum model. The large-amplitude oscillatory shear deformation model was used to quantify the nonlinear viscoelastic response of blood flow. The finite difference method was used to solve the governing equations, and the(More)
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