A B Simkins

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Tests were conducted using a mobilometer to determine the effects of the opposing dentition on mobility of selected teeth in the partially edentulous mandible. In addition, the effect of the opposing dentition and the presence or absence of a lower removable partial denture on chewing efficiency was evaluated. Results indicated an increase in mobility of(More)
The estimation of oestrogen in aqueous solutions and pregnancy urines using an automated procedure is affected by the presence of certain ions, and by dilution. These effects have been studied by calculating regression equations from the values obtained with urines to which ions have been added with and without urine dilution. The results suggest that the(More)
Changes in the relative sensitivity of reaction oestrone, oestradiol, oestriol, and their monoglucuronides due to changes in reaction temperature and the acid a nd quinol concentrations of Kober's reagent have been investigated by means of an automated system. Similar investigations have been carried out with a number of standardized pregnancy urines. All(More)
Distal-extension lower removable partial dentures were used to study the effects of various types of opposing dentitions on the residual mandibular ridge. The opposing-dentition groups included complete upper dentures, removable partial upper dentures, and natural teeth. Changes in the bone of the lower residual ridge were measured by means of densitometry.(More)
Three methods for the estimation of bilirubin in amniotic fluid are compared. The within-batch precision and recovery of bilirubin by each method has been studied, and the effects of the presence of haemoglobin, methaemoglobin, and methaemalbumin in varying concentrations have been investigated. Measurements on amniotic fluid from patients with rhesus(More)
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