A. B. Roy

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  • Monteiro De Paula, Pham-Thi, A T Vieira Da Silva, Justin, C Mazliak, A B Roy +3 others
The cDNA Vupat1 encodes a patatin-like protein that has acylhydrolase activity. This gene is stimulated by drought stress, especially in the sensitive cultivar. Contrary to potato patatin, which acts preferentially on phospholipids, VUPAT1 exhibits hydrolysing activity essentially towards glycolipids. This fact might be explained by the existence of a(More)
Two of the most important chaotic measures are Lyapunov exponent (LE) and dimensional analysis. But the reliability of LE in electroencephalogram (EEG) data analysis has come under question on the basis of the finding that EEG does not represent low dimensional chaos. In this paper we shall address the issue of applicability of LE to EEG data as well as(More)
A distributed delay model of a class of three-neuron network has been investigated. Sufficient conditions for existence of unique equilibrium, multiple equilibria and their local stability are derived. A closed interval for a parameter of the system is identified in which Hopf-bifurcating periodic solution occurs for each point of such interval. The orbital(More)
In this paper the dynamics of a three neuron model with self-connection and distributed delay under dynamical threshold is investigated. With the help of topological degree theory and Homotopy invariance principle existence and uniqueness of equilibrium point are established. The conditions for which the Hopf-bifurcation occurs at the equilibrium are(More)
This paper deals with a complex prey-predator system, consisting of two prey species and two types of predator (dominant and mutant of the same species) with predatory switching. We derived conditions for existing polymorphism with respect to a switching property and found a condition for feasible equilibrium to be globally asymptotically stable. We have(More)
A generalized Cohen-Grossberg neural network model with both discrete and neutral time varying delays is considered here. Activation functions and approximately behaved functions are not required to be differentiable. Global robust exponential stability of periodic solution is studied using a suitable Lyapunov functional by constructing a general eigen(More)