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BACKGROUND/PURPOSE Optical and parametric skin imaging methods which can efficiently identify invisible sub-skin features or subtle changes in skin layers are very important for accurate optical skin modelling. In this study, a hybrid method is introduced that helps develop a parametric optical skin model by utilizing interdisciplinary techniques including(More)
Assessment of skin aging is a complex biological process that depends on various internal and external factors but has become important due to personalized skin health and cosmetic treatments. Although there are a small number of attempts to assess the skin aging, they identify only one of the previously classified skin aging groups. The methods used to(More)
OBJECTIVE The textural structure of 'skin age'-related subskin components enables us to identify and analyse their unique characteristics, thus making substantial progress towards establishing an accurate skin age model. METHODS This is achieved by a two-stage process. First by the application of textural analysis using laser speckle imaging, which is(More)
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