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Weibel-Palade bodies (WPBs) are the endothelial storage organelles that are formed upon von Willebrand factor (VWF) expression. Apart from VWF, WPBs contain a variety of hemostatic and inflammatory proteins. Some of these are thought to be targeted to WPBs by directly interacting with VWF in the secretory pathway. Previous studies have demonstrated that(More)
Reasoning and planning at di¤erent levels of abstraction is an important skill in the game of Go, for both human and computer players. Over the years, adversarial planning approaches have become increasingly popular for dealing with large search spaces of two player games such as Go. This article describes a di¤erent approach to adversarial planning, based(More)
Introduction Factor VIII functions as a cofactor in the membrane-bound intrinsic factor Xase complex. Together with the enzyme factor IXa, activated factor VIII binds to phosphatidyl-L-serine (Ptd-L-Ser)– containing membranes 1,2 to form an enzyme complex that cleaves the zymogen factor X to factor Xa. 3,4 Factor Xa is thereafter responsible for catalyzing(More)
In this paper, a three-component architecture of a learning environment for Go is sketched, which can be applied to any two-player, deterministic, full information , partizan, combinatorial game. The architecture called HUGO has natural and human-like reasoning components. Its most abstract component deals with the selection of subgames of Go. The second(More)
The formation of inhibitory antibodies directed against coagulation factor VIII (FVIII) is a severe complication in the treatment of hemophilia A patients. The induction of anti-FVIII antibodies is a CD4(+) T cell-dependent process. Activation of FVIII-specific CD4(+) T cells is dependent on the presentation of FVIII-derived peptides on MHC class II by(More)
We de…ne a multi-goal as a conjunction and/or disjunc-tion of ordinal-scaled objectives. We give exact formulas to compute the conjunction and disjunction of independent combinatorial games associated with the objectives. Dependence of games is formalized. We also propose a de…nition for the (con/dis)junction of e¤ec-tively dependent games. In all the above(More)
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