A. B. Marzuki

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This paper presents a chronological review of the research carried out on antennas in low-temperature cofired ceramics (LTCC) technology over the last ten years or so. Major breakthroughs in LTCC technologies and its shortcomings are highlighted. The current state of the art of LTCC-technology-based antennas is then evaluated. All realizable features of the(More)
A low power and low noise front end chopped instrumentation amplifier for portable electrocardiogram recording system is presented. The circuit is based on the chopper technique which is implemented using folded cascode structure that has significant lower power consumption than the predecessor’s approaches while keeping the performance unchanged. The(More)
In the latest portable two-way radio design, processors have been widely used as the main ‘heart’ to control the whole operations of the radio during idle, receiving (Rx) and transmit (Tx) modes instead of Applications Specific Integrated Circuits (ASIC). By integrating processor into the design, various powerful applications could be offered to the(More)
Modern wireless communication devices demands for multiband operation using single antenna to reduce complexity of the system. In this work a multi-band rectangular shaped Dielectric Resonator Antenna (DRA) is designed and analyzed. A two segments rectangular dielectric resonator with different permittivity's are stacked together, and a notch is created in(More)
Differentials in age at first marriage and being married more than once are discussed for a probability sample of West Malaysian currently married women 15-44 years of age. Both marriage ages and the incidence of multiple marriages vary greatly by race, place of current residence, wife's education, and husband's occupation; and the marriage variables are(More)
In this paper, an experimental procedure for designing a novel 5.8 GHz triangular microstrip loop resonator antenna is presented. The proposed antenna is fed by a microstrip feed line arrangement and excited by a coaxial feed probe. The antenna elements were rotated 90 degree clockwise about the z-axis in parallel with the microstrip feed. This was done in(More)
Noise simulators were never accurate estimators of interconnect noise values as the switching pattern, slew and delay in a cluster of adjacent nets were never addressed. In modern signal integrity flows, a very high level of pessimism is incorporated into the noise methodology to augment the lack of accuracy, such as lumped aggression, noise ramps and(More)
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