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The method is proposed for minimizing loss of material of needle biopsy of the prostate by means of a container during fixation. This allous (1) saving all the fragments, (2) to increase the surface of the material in the micropreparation and (3) to put into one paraffin block several columns and thus to decrease the cost of histological study.
Radiation pathomorphosis of cervical cancer stage I-II was estimated quantitatively in a comparative aspect under 4 different regimens of distance split-course irradiation, being the first step of an associated radiotherapy. Irradiation (using the Luch-1 machine) consisted of two two-week steps with an interval of 14-21 days. Tumor foci were given a total(More)
Gemcitabine is known to exert a therapeutic effect on brain tumors despite the limited permeability of the blood-brain barrier (BBB). In our experimental research single intraperitoneal (i.p.) injection of gemcitabine 25 mg/kg provided increase in median survival of mice with intracranially transplanted Ehrlich carcinoma by 41-89% (p < 0.001). In this(More)
An analysis of the clinico-morphological characteristics of 9 so-called "granulomatous thymomas" in female patients aged 15-36 years revealed primary malignant granulomas in the thymus. There were no epithelial structures in extrathoracic lesions, typical of Hodgkin's disease. Therefore, similar therapeutic measures may be taken in treating patients with(More)
After the course of fractional large field irradiation of large volumes of bone marrow is completed (a total dose of 54 Cy), autotransplantation from the nonirradiated area of bone marrow contributes to a quicker restoration of blood cells amount injured at early stages after irradiation. The complete restoration of haemopoiesis is observed in a year, and(More)
Data obtained from 35 autopsies and morphological examination of the irradiated and non-irradiated spleen are analyzed. Morphological changes in the spleen as a result of radiation are described. Curability of Hodgkin's disease foci is established to be possible in the spleen irradiated with the dose of 35-40 Gy. A prophylactic spleen irradiation decreases(More)