A. B. M. Nasiruzzaman

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—The classical definitions of various centrality measures are modified to incorporate electrical parameters of the power grid. In this paper three distinct measures of centrality are presented and they are described with suitable examples. The usefulness of these measures are described. Various standard test systems are simulated to find critical nodes of(More)
—In this paper, a new methodology for stability assessment of a smart power system is proposed. The key to this assessment is an index called betweenness index which is based on ideas from complex network theory. The proposed betweenness index is an improvement of previous works since it considers the actual real power flow through the transmission lines(More)
Economic dispatch is one of the most challenging problems of power system. Various algorithms for solving optimal power flow problem are found in the literature. The Genetic Algorithm (GA) based solution techniques are more promising than other techniques due to its capability of global searching, robustness, and it does not require derivative information.(More)
The objective of this paper is to evolve simple and effective methods for the optimal power flow (OPF) problem in thermal units, which are capable of obtaining optimal power generations for a large-scale system. In optimization, GA has some well-known advantages and disadvantages. The classical (derivative based) method is applied as economic dispatch(More)
This paper has developed a Matlab based GUI tool for fault analysis for power systems students at under graduate level. This is not a technically rich paper, however, this type of tool box helps student to get a better idea while studying the theory. The notations used in the program are mostly compatible with the formats used in electrical power system(More)
At present fuzzy logic control is receiving increasing emphasis in process control applications. This paper presents a self-adjusting, fast acting fuzzy gain scheduling scheme for conventional integral gain, K <sub>I</sub> of automatic generation control (AGC) in a single area power system. The application of the fuzzy logic control on the performance of(More)
In this paper we propose an evolutionary computation (genetic algorithm) based approach to economic dispatch problem. In case of thermal power plants fuel cost is an important element. Fuel price tend to rise from time to time. Therefore effort should be given on minimizing the fuel cost. In the proposed approach elitism operation in genetic algorithm is(More)
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