A. B. M. Mozzammel Hossain

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Automatic test data generation from a software specification prepares test cases for software developers before their code development phase. Having test cases before coding, helps the developers to control their code to conform to the specification. In state-based specifications, paths from the initial state to the final state may be varied, this is called(More)
The incorporation of Haptic interfaces into Collaborative Virtual Environments suffers from setbacks due to some inherent technical problem when the users are geographically distributed. The main causes of such discrepancies are network delay, lack of view of individual participants’ activities (awareness), and haptic feedback. Although some strategies(More)
A network video server and client devices have been designed and prototyped that use multicast to deliver MotionJPEG, MPEG-1, and MPEG-2 video on top of IP, IP-overATM and native-mode ATM (AAL5) protocols. The server runs on a workstation-class machine, while the clients have been implemented both as a multi-threaded software entity and as a stand-alone ATM(More)
Network coverage of wireless sensor network (WSN) means how well the entire area of interest is being monitored by a deployed network. It depends on several factors including sensing model of a node. Node failure is an important issue in WSN. The sensor nodes are prone to be non-functional due to noise and battery energy depletion. In the literature, node(More)
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