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Statistical analysis of images reveals two interesting properties: (i) invariance of image statistics to scaling of images, and (ii) non-Gaussian behavior of image statistics, i.e. high kurtosis, heavy tails, and sharp central cusps. In this paper we review some recent results in statistical modeling of natural images that attempt to explain these patterns.(More)
Thin films of lithium niobate are wafer bonded onto silicon substrates and rib-loaded with a chalcogenide glass, Ge 23 Sb 7 S 70 , to demonstrate strongly confined single-mode submicron waveguides, microring modulators, and Mach-Zehnder modulators in the telecom C band. The 200 μm radii microring modulators present 1.2 dB/cm waveguide propagation loss, 1.2(More)
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