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A model has been developed to estimate runoff volumes from generally available geophysical data. Most of the hydrological processes are modelled in a realistic manner and the model needs only one fitting parameter. Input to the model consists of monthly rainfall, evaporation and parameters. In the model, rainfall is partitioned, depending on soil water(More)
This paper presents a 5.8 GHz single stage cascode low noise amplifier using T-matching techniques for IEEE 802.16 standard. The amplifier use FHX76LP Low Noise SuperHEMT FET. The design simulation process is using Advance Design System (ADS) software. The cascode low noise amplifier (LNA) produced gain of 17.21dB and noise figure (NF) at 0.845dB. The input(More)
In this paper, an investigation of the effects of group of pictures on H.264 multiview video coding content over an error prone environment with varying packet loss rates is presented. We analyse the bitrate performance for different GOP and error rates to see the effects on the quality of the reconstructed multiview video. However, by analysing the(More)
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