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The paper presents the findings of stabiligraphic investigations of children afflicted with the hyperkinetic child's cerebral paralysis treated with the method of graduated wearing suit ADELI. This suit is a modification of space-designated PINGUIN used to counteract the adverse effect of long-term microgravity on the skeletal muscles and the skeleton. 30(More)
The computerized stabilography was used to study the role of the visual analyzer (VA) in vertical posture acquisition and specifics of posture implementation by patients with craniocerebral injury (CCI) wearing suit Adele for dynamic proprioception correction (SDPC). Results of the investigation revealed a decreased vertical stability (VS) of CCI patients(More)
Presented are results of the investigations of individual profiles of the brain interhemispheric asymmetry (IPIHA) in healthy grown-ups and children prior to, during, and immediately after somatosensory stimulation. The somatosensory stimulation was performed by one-time wearing of space g-loading suit PENGUIN and its modification ADELIE. IPIHA was studied(More)
The paper presents the study concerning influence of somatosensory stimulation (single wearing of either space loading costume "PENGUIN" or its modification--"ADELY" costume) on the individual profile of interhemispheral cerebral assymmetry (IPIHCA) in patients with spastic form of infantile cerebral paralysis (ICP). The computer stabilograph analyzed motor(More)
The paper discussed the results of stabilographic examination of the children suffered from the spastic form of child cerebral paralysis (CCP) treated by means of graded wearing of "Adel" suit which is a modification of the "Penguin" spacesuit. There has been studied the state of 30 children before treatment with the use of "Adel" suit and after the(More)
The issue related with impaired temporal movements as observed in patients with infantile cerebral paralysis (ICP) during walking still needs more research since it is a vital problem. The authors analyzed the temporal parameters of the step and of the phase of the key goniography spots within the stretch of the step cycle. The results are indicative of a(More)
Maintenance of vertical posture is a complex coordination act dependent on a multi-level system of regulation. Functional state of the visual system may contribute significantly to the implementation of the mechanisms of vertical posture maintenance. Stabilographic examination of healthy teenagers and patients afflicted with the main CCP forms with the(More)
Using computer stabilography, vertical posture has been studied in 3 groups of children and adolescences with traumatic lesion of the spinal cord after surgery of congenital myelocele (n=10) and myelodysplasia (n=10) and in 124 healthy controls. Also, an extent of segmental lesions was investigated by electroneuromyography of lower extremities muscles.(More)
The study aimed at analyzing, a speed of body center of gravity (BCG) displacement and a frequency of its vibrations in sagittal and frontal planes in healthy adolescents and children as well as patients with spastic diplegia hemiparetic, hyperkinetic and atonic-astatic forms of infantile cerebral palsy (ICP) using a platform of computer stabilography in(More)