A B Grindal

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Headache and Transient Ischemic A Hacks • Headache occurring in association with episodes of transient cerebral ischemia has not been emphasized as part of the symptom complex. In an effort to ascertain the frequency and characteristics of these headaches and to determine whether there is any localizing, diagnostic, or prognostic significance to them, the(More)
Two cases are reported in which reversible deep coma subsequent to high voltage electrical injury occurred in association with alpha frequencies in the EEG. The EEG pattern differs from the alpha rhythm of the normal awake patient by its diffuse distribution and unresponsiveness to a variety of stimulation. The term "alpha-pattern coma" is introduced to(More)
Alpha-pattern coma denotes the association of a comatose state with an electroencephalogram consisting predominately of alpha-frequency activity. Over the past three years we have studied 24 such cases: 14 following cardiopulmonary arrest, 6 following respiratory arrest, and 3 following brainstem infarction. Of the 9 patients who survived, only 1 had a(More)
Amaurosis Fugax: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Aspects • The three to eight-year follow-up study of 34 patients with unilateral amaurosis fugax (AF) suggests the following points: (1) A significant number of frequent unilateral AF patients suffer from small ulcerative plaques or irregular stenoses without any bruit in the neck or major changes in(More)
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