A B Carey

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Single-species conservation and natural reserves seem insufficient for protecting biodiversity to scientists, and conventional forestry seems suspect in sustainability to much of the public. In northwestern USA, comparisons of natural and managed coniferous forests support the idea that both single-species conservation and conventional forestry are unlikely(More)
Because Townsend's chipmunks (Tomias townsendii) may be important in maintaining natural ecosystem processes in forests in the central Oregon Cascade Range, we compared their population characteristics in young second-growth and old-growth forests. We live-trapped Townsend's chipmunks in 5 young (30-60 yr old) second-growth and 5 old-growth (>400 yr old)(More)
On the night of 15 June 1837 Dr. James Cholmeley, Physician to Guy's Hospital, died. The ultimate consequences of this event were only slightly less far-reaching for Dr. Thomas Hodgkin than for his late colleague. Dr. Cholmeley's death created an opening at Guy's Hospital to which Dr. Thomas Addison was almost certain to be appointed. The vacancy created by(More)
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