A. B. Aurel Dumitru

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The irrigation canals equipped with automatic controllers of the BI-VAL type (based on downstream control) are electronic feedback systems. In this paper we present the mathematical model for the unsteady flow in irrigation canals. We give an analytical solution for the unsteady flow equations and for the motion equations of the BIVAL controller.
We propose a new procedure to detect jumps in prices in the presence of microstructure noise. The procedure averages the results from existing tests across sampling frequencies. This approach overcomes the sub-sampling and low-power problems that plague existing tests for jumps. We use a modified version of Fisher's method to combine p-values for the(More)
—The paper describes a method for compression of functions code located in non-volatile memory of an embedded system after the link/locate phase, decompression of these functions before executed in volatile memory of the embedded system and execution of these decompressed functions by the embedded system [3]. The idea is not focused on compression method(More)
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