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Drawing on practical experiences of almost 15 years working within Gauteng Province and the City of Johannesburg my paper will focus on the location of poor communities within Johannesburg in relation to selected Inner-City areas and public transportation networks. The introduction notes the historical foundations and spatial legacies of the City (for(More)
This article presents a practical implementation of an ECG compression algorithm using a Max-Lloyd quantizer, to optimize the low resources of an ECG acquisition and transmission system (telemetry system) for dolphins and human divers. The algorithm scheme is based on a first-order differential pulse code modulation (DPCM) and uses a Max-Lloyd quantizer to(More)
In the present paper, an electronic prototype designed to acquire electrocardiographic signals from marine mammals has been developed. The system consists of a portable device that allows the on-line acquisition of EKG signals through a parallel port interface that is connected to a laptop computer. The EKG waveform, the voltage level, the bandwidth and the(More)
Backtracking algorithms are used to methodically and exhaustively search a solution space for an optimal solution to a given problem. A classic example of a backtracking algorithm is illustrated by finding all solutions to the problem of placing N-queens on an N × N chess board such that no two queens attack each other. This paper demonstrates a(More)
In this paper, a system based on time-hopping spread spectrum techniques for indoor visible light communications is studied via simulation. A 2-PPM modulation scheme is selected because it yields good results in wireless optical communications. Furthermore, the system allows for selecting the number of pulses per symbol to be transmitted and makes use of an(More)
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