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OBJECTIVE To evaluate the ototoxicity of ciclopirox-containing solution as an otologic preparation for the treatment of otomycosis. BACKGROUND Ciclopirox is a synthetic antimycotic agent available in a variety of formulations to treat superficial fungal infections. Ciclopirox has demonstrated both fungicidal and fungistatic activity in vitro against a(More)
To investigate the value of the auditory brainstem response as a reliable test for the neurologic prognosis of infants with neonatal indirect hyperbilirubinemia, auditory brainstem response studies were performed in 22 infants. The patients were followed up until 12 months of age. Two patients demonstrated pathologic auditory brainstem response consistent(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyze the ototoxicity of Burow solution as an otologic preparation. BACKGROUND Burow solution has been used for years in the treatment of acute or chronic otitis externa and chronic suppurative otitis media. This acidic solution has antibacterial and antiedematous properties. Ototoxic effect of Burow solution has not been known, so the(More)
Most of the topical otic preparations have been shown to cause ototoxicity. In this study ciprofloxacin hydrochloride, a relatively new topical agent, and gentamicin sulfate were studied in two groups of 20 patients with chronic otitis media. Patients were randomly selected to receive either ciprofloxacin (200 microg/ml) or gentamicin sulfate (5 mg/ml)(More)
OBJECTIVES To provide age-equivalent norms for a 500Hz logon evoked ABR obtained in a group of children ranging 40 weeks-4 years old and compare these 500Hz tonal norms to age-equivalent norms for click-evoked ABR. METHODS Seventy-seven infants and children ranging from conceptional age of 40 weeks (term babies) to 4 years were tested with both click and(More)
PURPOSE Temporal bone fracture, which involves the otic capsule, can lead to complete loss of auditory and vestibular functions, whereas the patients without fractures may experience profound sensorineural hearing loss due to cochlear concussion. Cochlear implant is indicated in profound sensorineural hearing loss due to cochlear trauma but who still have(More)
AIMS The aim was to investigate the effects of impaired glucose tolerance (IGT) on the central nervous system via brainstem auditory evoked potentials (BAEPs) and middle latency auditory evoked potentials (MLAEPs), and on the peripheral nervous system via nerve conduction studies (NCS). METHODS Thirty patients with IGT and 20 control subjects underwent(More)
OBJECTIVES Theses are the prime indicators of the scientific productivity of a country and one of the main and strongest resources for the emergence of scientific articles. This study aims to examine, by using the survey method, how many of the audiology master and/or doctoral theses in Turkey were turned into a scientific work. PATIENTS AND METHODS(More)
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