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This paper presents the development of a new Web based LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) 3D point cloud viewer addressing mobility and portability issues arising from remote field applications by numerous multidisciplinary collaborative scientists. This new Web Browser-based 3D point cloud viewer, hereafter called 3DSYSTEK viewer, was developed and(More)
In this paper, basic principles are presented and an algorithm for extracting document content summary for Greek language, by using statistic method. The algorithm presented is based on grammatical rules and semantic information dedicated for Greek language. The algorithm has been tested on a variety of news articles and produces satisfactory results for a(More)
[Received date; Accepted date] – to be inserted later Abstract Co-reference is the implicit or explicit reference to an entity, in multiple information sources, possibly with different names. Being primary knowledge and a prerequisite of scientific research for all disciplines, co-reference resolution constitutes the integration of real world knowledge by(More)
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