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This paper presents a new detection technique to detect the random valued-impulse noise. In this technique, the noisy pixels are detected progressively through several phases. In the first phase, the pixel that has a strange value amongst its neighboring pixels in the local window is detected first as a noisy pixel. Then in the next phase, the pixel that(More)
In this paper we propose a new method to determine the time difference of arrivals (TDOAs) for two objects. Using the estimation of TDOAs and the known algorithms such as least square (LS) or constrained least square (CLS), we can determine the locations of the two objects simultaneously. The main contribution is to determine the eigen vectors that are(More)
In this contribution the performance of Reed-Solomon (RS) Block Turbo Coding (BTC) is studied in a 16-QAM modulated OFDM system when operating on a Rayleigh fading channel. BER and PER performances are shown and compared to the performance of Convolutional Turbo Coding (CTC). BTC proves to mitigate the irreducible error floor that limits the performance of(More)
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