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The major metabolite from the use of furazolidone (FZD) in mammals, birds and fish is 2,3-dihydro-3-cyanomethyl-2-hydroxy-5-nitro-1alpha, 2-di(2-oxo-oxazolidin-3-yl)iminomethyl-furo[2,3-beta]furan, also called 3-amine-2-oxazolidone (AOZ). A minor metabolite was identified as N-(5-amine-2-furfuryliden)-3-amine-2-oxazolidone (FOZ). To assess the potential(More)
While fish chemotherapy is not a common practice in México, folk medicine is usually well accepted by fish farmers. Empirical knowledge suggested that garlic should have anthelmintic properties. Various trials were carried out in Cyprinus carpio infested with Capillaria sp., using minced garlic and its extracts. An empirical concentration of 200 mg/l of(More)
Oral papillomas were identified in two New Zealand white male rabbits from Mexico City. The growths were observed on the tip and ventral aspect of the tongue in a 3-year-old rabbit weighing 4 kg and on the tip of the tongue in a 15-month-old rabbit weighing 3.6 kg. Microscopic examination of the lesions revealed epithelial papillomas around fibrovascular(More)
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