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Intracarotid injection of a low dosage of amobarbital (75 mg, 5% solution) was studied in 30 temporal lobectomy candidates while naming achromatic, incongruously, and congruously colored pictorial objects and reading real, nonsense, and embedded words. Semantic errors and phonological alexia followed the left injection, while the right injection induced(More)
The Department of Teaching, Learning and Culture offers two degrees at the master's level: the Master of Science (MS) in Curriculum and Instruction (thesis) and the Master of Education (MEd) in Curriculum and Instruction (non-thesis). There are two delivery options for students seeking the MEd degree: on-campus or online. The online MEd has four options:(More)
We herein present results from experimental investigations and new numerical methods for the investigation of fluid flow and heat transfer in cellular solids, in particular open cell metal foams. Results from a custom made test facility contribute to enlarge the public available database of open cell metal foams and serve for the validation of applied(More)
We present our current work in the field of computational materials science with the phase-field method on the high performance cluster XC 4000 of the KIT (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology). Our investigations include heat conduction of open cell metal foams, dendritic growth and optimizations of the concurrent processing with the message passing interface(More)
Chapter 1 gives the introduction of the project and specifies the exact problem. Chapter 2 presents some alternatives of applications using the ρ-VEX and explains why the fingerprint minutiae extraction application was chosen as vehicle to demonstrate the capabilities of the VEX implementation. In chapter 3 relevant theory is presented on embedded systems(More)
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