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An avirulence gene (designated avrPpiB) from race 3 of Pseudomonas syringae pv. pisi was cloned and sequenced. The gene corresponded to a single open reading frame of 831 nt identified by transposon mutagenesis and subcloning. This ORF encodes a predicted hydrophilic protein of 276 amino acids (MW 31,300). It effects the expression of a resistance mechanism(More)
The Brazilian Metrology Laboratory of Ionizing Radiations (LNMRI) standard thermal neutron flux facility was designed to provide uniform neutron fluence for calibration of small neutron detectors and individual dosemeters. This fluence is obtained by neutron moderation from four (241)Am-Be sources, each with 596 GBq, in a facility built with blocks of(More)
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