A. Aragón-Àngel

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[1] The Wide Area Real Time Kinematic (WARTK) is an augmentation system concept for multi-frequency users based on precise real-time ionospheric modeling. It is able to provide a high accuracy and integrity GNSS positioning service over continental areas using the infrastructure of a network of permanent ground monitor stations, such as the European(More)
A simple and precise technique to measure the sudden Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) radiation increase of the Sun, during mid and strong flares, has been formulated and demonstrated for the most active part of the last Solar Cycle. On the one hand, it is based on the short time scale of these events, which allows the validity of a simple global overionization(More)
GNSS radio occultations allow the sounding of the Earth’s atmosphere, in particular the ionosphere. The physical observables estimated with this technique permit to test theoretical models of the electron density such as, for example, the Chapman and the Vary-Chap models. The former is characterized by a constant scale height, whereas the latter considers a(More)
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