A. Antunes

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Large static magnetic fields may be employed in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). At high magnetic field strengths (usually from about 3 T and above) it is possible for humans to perceive a number of effects. One such effect is mild vertigo. Recently, Roberts et al (2011 Current Biology 21 1635-40) proposed a Lorentz-force mechanism resulting from the ionic(More)
Although known for their potent venom and ability to prey upon both invertebrate and vertebrate species, the Barychelidae spider family has been entirely neglected by toxinologists. In striking contrast, the sister family Theraphosidae (commonly known as tarantulas), which last shared a most recent common ancestor with Barychelidae over 200 million years(More)
We present a hybrid combination of forward and inverse reconstruction methods using multiple observations of a coronal mass ejection (CME) to derive the 3D 'true' Height-Time plots for individual CME components. We apply this hybrid method to the components of the 31 Dec 2007 CME. This CME, observed clearly in both the STEREO A and STEREO B COR2 white light(More)
Because of instrumental sensitivity limits and stellar distances, the types of x-ray flares observable on stars have been intrinsically much more energetic than those on the sun. Such enormous events are a useful extrapolation of the solar phenomenon if the underlying assumption is correct that they form a continuous sequence involving similar physical(More)
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