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Laser irradiation on hard tissue has produced a resistant surface that is likely to prevent caries. In this study, human enamel and dentine were exposed to nanosecond pulsed Nd:YAG laser with energy densities of 20-40 J/cm(2) and pulse width of 6 ns inducing chemical changes in these tissues. Infrared analysis of human dental enamel and dentine was(More)
The pyrometallurgic process that the exhausted batteries are submitted for the recovery of metallic lead generates great amount of a by-product called slag. The slag is composed mainly of iron ( approximately 60%) and lead ( approximately 6%), and this residue cannot be disposed in conventional landfill due to the high lead content. This work presents a new(More)
A sequential experimental design strategy is used to optimize the extraction of lead from slag. The slag is composed mainly of iron (= 60%) and lead (= 6%), and cannot be disposed of in conventional landfill due to its high lead content. The extraction of lead is based on the complexing properties of ethylenediaminetetra-acetic acid (EDTA), the iron being(More)
Because of instrumental sensitivity limits and stellar distances, the types of x-ray flares observable on stars have been intrinsically much more energetic than those on the sun. Such enormous events are a useful extrapolation of the solar phenomenon if the underlying assumption is correct that they form a continuous sequence involving similar physical(More)
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