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The causes of death of 50 patients who had had lichen planus have been investigated and compared with those of 50 patients with psoriasis and with those of the general population. Patients with lichen planus were as old as those with psoriasis and in the general population at the time of death, but the diseases causing death differed. Malignant tumors,(More)
In 1988, 633 patients attending our Allergology Center underwent patch testing with the standard series recommended by the Gruppo Italiano Ricerca Dermatiti da Contatto e Ambientali. Of these, 576 patients completed the test correctly and their results were evaluated statistically. Nickel, cobalt, and potassium dichromate were the three most common(More)
In January 1989, the Center for Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) of Galliera Hospital-Genoa was equipped with a network of 5 Personal Computers connected by a Token Ring to another Personal Computer which is the "server" unit. The Authors report their experiences in the use of the computer system and examine the advantages of networking in the management(More)
BACKGROUND Phenolformaldehyde resins, especially the para-tertiary-butylphenolformaldehyde resin (PTBP-FR), are widely used in industry and in numerous materials of everyday use, such as glues, adhesives, or inks. They can cause many occupational and nonoccupational cases of dermatitis. PATIENTS AND METHODS Forty-one patients with positive patch test(More)