A. Alvarez-Herrero

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We present the optical effects of different tests that simulate the aerospace environment on the liquid-crystal variable retarders (LCVRs) used in the Imaging Magnetograph eXperiment postfocal instrument of the SUNRISE payload within the NASA Long Duration Balloon program. Analysis of the influence of vacuum, temperature, vibration, and gamma and(More)
We report the correction of the shrinkage observed during UV postrecording curing in a holographic solgel material that was recently achieved by the use of various chemical formulations for the composition of the hybrid supporting matrix. We found that a chemical modification of the matrix noticeably attenuates the shrinkage (from 1.3% to 0.4% of the(More)
An optical method to determine the nanostructure and the morphology of porous thin films is presented. This procedure is based on the response of a side-polished optical fiber with the film under study, when an adsorption-desorption cycle is carried out. Spectroscopic ellipsometry provides additional information about the optical properties and adsorption(More)
Liquid crystal variable retarders (LCVRs) are starting to be widely used in optical systems because of their capacity to provide a controlled variable optical retardance between two orthogonal components of incident polarized light or to introduce a known phase shifting (PS) between coherent waves, both by means of an applied voltage. Typically, the(More)
The variation of the optical properties of porous Vycor glass (Corning, Model 7930) under different relative-humidity conditions was studied. The adsorption of water into the glass pores was investigated with spectroscopic ellipsometry. The change of the refractive index was Deltan approximately 0.04 between 5% and 90% relative humidity. A linear relation(More)
We present the study, characterization, and calibration of the polarization modulation package (PMP) of the Imaging Magnetograph eXperiment (IMaX) instrument, a successful Stokes spectropolarimeter on board the SUNRISE balloon project within the NASA Long Duration Balloon program. IMaX was designed(More)
The presence of uncontrolled mechanical vibrations is typically the main precision-limiting factor of a phase-shifting interferometer. We present a method that instead of trying to insolate vibrations; it takes advantage of their presence to produce the different phase-steps. The method is based on spatial and time domain processing techniques to compute(More)
The Full Disk Telescope is part of the Polarimetric Helioseismic Instrument on board the future Solar Orbiter ESA/NASA mission. The Full Disk Telescope will provide for full-disk measurements of the photospheric vector magnetic field and line-of-sight velocity, as well as the continuum intensity in the visible wavelength range. Along this mission, it is(More)
With the current and upcoming applications of beams carrying orbital angular momentum (OAM), there will be the need to generate beams and measure their OAM spectrum with high accuracy. The instrumental OAM spectrum distortion is connected to the effect of its optical aberrations on the OAM content of the beams that the instrument creates or measures. Until(More)
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