A . Alli Rani

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Multipliers with high speed are essential of digital applications for example signal processing. A new architecture of multiplier-and-accumulator (MAC) was proposed for high-speed arithmetic. By combining multiplication with accumulation the performance was improved. In Modified booth algorithm technique the modified booth encoder will reduce the number of(More)
Hilbert transform (HT) is very important algorithm in signal processing. Its application includes constructing analytic signals for various purposes, such as amplitude demodulation, audio production and instantaneous frequency analysis. This paper explains the realization of HT via radix-single-path delay feedback (SDF) pipelined FFT processor. For this(More)
  • Lalit Johari, Rahul Mishra, +18 authors Yousuf Khan Afroz
  • 2016
The purpose of this paper is to carry out study on delay minimization techniques of data transmission, which is a major Quality-of-service (QoS) parameter in Mobile ad-hoc network (MANET). Various algorithms that are given in the study of previous investigators have been considered and analyzed and a tabulated summary work has been carried out. Related(More)
This paper presents a merged multiplyaccumulate (MAC) hardware that is based on the modified Booth algorithm. The carry-save method is used in the Booth encoder, the Booth multiplier, and the accumulator sections to guarantee the fastest possible. By combining multiplication with accumulation and devising a hybrid type of carry save adder (CSA), the(More)
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