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The number of hospital beds per head of population has fallen by more than 2% a year since 1980. 1 Levels of bed occupancy have risen during this period. 1 Appropriate bed occupancy is crucial to the NHS, as occupancy rates exceeding 85% in acute hospitals are associated with problems in dealing with emergency and elective admissions. 1 We aimed to develop(More)
UNLABELLED BACKGROUND A significant proportion of surgical patients are unintentionally harmed during their hospital stay. Root Cause Analysis (RCA) aims to determine the aetiology of adverse incidents that lead to patient harm and produce a series of recommendations, which would minimise the risk of recurrence of similar events, if appropriately applied(More)
BACKGROUND Attention is important for the skilful execution of surgery. The surgeon's attention during surgery is divided between surgery and outside distractions. The effect of this divided attention has not been well studied previously. We aimed to compare the effect of dividing attention of novices and experts on a laparoscopic task performance. (More)
In this paper we proposed a multi-objective optimization model for wireless sensor networks (WSNs). The proposed model optimized several objectives, simultaneously. Indeed, by starting from a generic configuration we found new location for sensors, that the network have appropriate performance in terms of energy consumption and travelled distance. For the(More)
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